We are, unfortunately, making the decision to close Novus due to relocating, so we will be unable to take on any more clients in Coalville and the surrounding areas. 

We would like to thank all of our clients for their loyalty and their hard work. We have made some great relationships with our clients and will always remember how each of you has made a difference to Novus. 

We are very proud of each client that has worked hard to get the result they wanted from our training sessions. And we are so proud of the dogs that have grown and developed fantastic, trusting relationships with their owners.


At Novus Dog Training LTD we believe that training should be fun and interesting for everyone involved - us, you and, most importantly, the dogs. This is why we teach using positive reinforcement and, more specifically, clicker training. We believe that all dogs learn at their best when they are happy and comfortable, which is why all of our training is force free.

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