Training sessions

Induction £20.00
Duration: 60 minutes
We conduct inductions before single clicker sessions and the Premium package block sessions. The induction gives our instructors the opportunity to assess your dog and create a training programme.

Single clicker session £35.00
Duration: 60 minutes
We offer individually sold sessions and package deals. Our single clicker training sessions are tailored to your needs and are flexible.

Premium package £140.00
Duration: 60 minutes per session.
Five tailored clicker training sessions over a five week period. 

Puppy package £180.00
Duration: 60 minutes per session.
Seven training sessions covering all basic training and a play date session with our in-training stooge dog for socialisation. This package is for puppies aged between eight weeks and six months old. No induction is required for this package.

Dog walking

Induction Free!
Duration: 30 minutes.
The induction gives your dog the opportunity to meet our instructors and get to know them so the first walk won't be with a compete stranger. We will also collect keys (if keys are needed) ready for the first walk. 

Home visits £7.00
Duration: 30 minutes.
We can come over and make sure your dog has everything they need while you're at work. We will top up water, let your dog out for a toilet break and play to help split the day up. Additional dogs are FREE.

30 Minute walk £7.00
A suitable option for puppies, older dogs, or dogs that struggle with mobility. Additional dog is half price.

60 Minute walk £12.00
A great way to make sure your best friend gets the exercise they need to keep them happy and healthy. Additional dog is half price. 

60 Minute group walk £10.00

Group walks are offered to friendly dogs that like some company. We will pick up your best friend and take them to our fully enclosed, private use field to run and play. Additional dog is half price. Each dog will be assessed before being accepted into group walks for safety purposes.